Windows: A View on the World Around You

Windows are the primary source of lighting for your log home. They are also the lenses through which we can experience the beauty of the outdoors in comfort—including the light and sights that surround our homes. When the style and placement of windows are well thought out, they highlight the beauty around us and allow natural light to fill the interior spaces of your long or timber frame home.

Custom Built Log HomeWindows can make a difference in how we feel, how we experience simply being at home. We’ve all been places where we’ve stepped into a room and been awestruck by an inspiring view of the outdoors: a distant mountain, a calm lakefront, billowing clouds or towering trees. Windows help to bring nature inside.

While the style and placement of windows can highlight any view you wish to feature, they can also disguise any features you wish to downplay —giving you privacy while at the same time providing light and ventilation.

With modern windows we can control more than light and privacy. Window glass can be single, double, or triple pane. Each pane (sheet of glass) adds to the energy efficiency of your home. Windows with low-emissivity coating and lower U-value (a measure of heat transmission) have better insulation value. Energy efficiency is especially important if your new home will be located in a place with deep, cold winters, or where long, hot summers are normal. These are important considerations for the log home buyer or builder.

Of course, they also can let us enjoy the natural breezes and single- or double-hung windows are popular since they are easy to open for airflow. Floor-to-ceiling sliding windows and doors that open by sliding horizontally can create instant access to decks, balconies, terraces or patios. Stationary picture windows can bring in light or highlight natural features even in places where opening and closing windows would be difficult or impossible, like on the upper level of rooms with cathedral ceilings.

Windows: Style and Design

Pine Harbor Log Homes helps our customers choose from the many styles and features. But we do far more than that. Our designs are site-specific, so we can suggest unique window placements that will highlight the most attractive outdoor features and offer solutions for any views that you may want to downplay while still having lots of light and airflow in your beautiful log home.

Whether it is adding the interesting three-dimensional qualities of a well-placed bay window—perhaps giving you a more expansive view and a window seat to enjoy it from— or suggesting a small accent window that contributes a spot of beauty in what might otherwise be a dark corner, we will be happy to work with you to take advantage of all the light and nature around your home. Pine Harbor Log Homes has both the experience and the design judgment to help you build the log home of your dreams.

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