Sustainable homes


Renewable Materials:

We build our homes with renewable, recyclable and biodegradable construction materials.

Trees are a renewable resource. We support reforestation projects and partner with companies that practice responsible forestry.  Our milling process uses much less energy than traditional home building materials and we recommend the highest quality recycled materials to encourage our customers to join us in building log homes that respect our world.  Our eco-friendly log homes reflect our commitment to environmental stewardship and preservation.

Dead Standing Logs: At Pine Harbor, we seek out logs that are harvested as a result of forest fires and beetle infestation. Harvesting dead logs encourages healthy forests and supports re-growth.

Responsible Waste:

Pine Harbor Log Homes aims for Zero Waste!

We are often asked…what do we do with the waste while building our homes? We are proud to reply, that there is almost no waste in a Pine Harbor Log Home. How?

We focus on quality. When you purchase the best materials from the best, trusted suppliers, there is very little waste.  In cases where the materials do not meet our standards, we cut it down for use in other products like log siding corners, trim, interior accents and more.  Anything we cannot use is burned in our furnace or given to our employees for burning in their homes. Even the shavings and sawdust are collected and burned or given to local farmers for use in animal bedding.

Energy Saving Log Homes:

Most log homes offer increased thermal mass, which means that it costs less to keep a log home warm during the cold winter months and cool during the heat of the summer.

Pine Harbor takes the following steps to ensure that every log home we build meets the highest standards for energy efficiency:

  • Optimal Site Selection: Where you place and position your home matters for long-term energy savings.
  • High R-Values: Reduce heat loss and save energy.
  • Low-E Windows: Increased comfort & energy savings.
  • ENERGY STAR® Appliances & Lighting Fixtures: Substantial energy savings and reduced utility expenses.
  • Exterior House Wrap: Increased energy efficiency.
  • 50 Year Shingles: Save money and reduce waste on long-life shingles for your log home.
  • Low-Flow Toilets, Showers & Faucets: High pressure, reduced water…you’ll never know you’re saving water!
  • Solar or Geothermal Energy: Help the environment and get incredible tax credits and lower energy bills forever!

If eco-friendly living matters to you…look no further than Pine Harbor Log Homes.