Seasoned Logs: Our Basic Building Blocks

Trees are the ultimate providers of the materials used to build log and timber-frame homes. Those of us who want to live in quality log homes are typically lovers of trees—so much so that we prefer to be surrounded by them. We appreciate knowing that the trees used in our log and timber-frame homes are a renewable resource.

Trees, like other crops, can be harvested and replanted in a process called “reforestation.” So, while we agree that certain old-growth forests should be protected, the trees we use to build Pine Harbor Log Homes are either dead trees gathered from areas where natural disasters like forest fires or insect infestations have already killed them, or harvested from replanted forests. The trees that we use to build your home will be replanted for future generations to enjoy.

Seasoned LogsMeanwhile, for as long as our homes stand—for many generations in most cases—they hold the carbon that the living tree ingested through their roots and needles and keep it safely stored in the logs themselves and out of the atmosphere in a process called “carbon sequestration.”

As experts in log home construction for three generations, the professionals at Pine Harbor Log Homes have become experts in the types of logs favored for building log homes. Location makes a difference, too. Building a log home in Wisconsin might favor one type of tree over the kind we’d prefer for a log home in Minnesota for example. Did you know that there are thirty-five different species of Spruce, and that is just one genus or family of trees use in log home construction?

While we have used logs from at least a dozen different varieties of evergreen trees (we build homes all over the United States and Canada), there are some characteristics they all share. The trees we use are all North-American grown evergreens, primarily Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Spruce and Dry Pine. These are all tall (some growing over 300 feet), straight, needle bearing, coniferous trees with branches attached to a central trunk in a spiral fashion.

Why Seasoned Logs?

Whether we are building a log home in Iowa or Illinois, we use properly seasoned logs to reduce their moisture content to avoid shrinkage after construction. Removing the bark and branches from the logs may leave knots and scarring that give each log a unique character, one of the features that gives log homes a natural look and feel that cannot be duplicated with other construction materials.

There are a number of ways that seasoned logs are milled to create the perfect fit and style for our homes. Each of our homes feature the use of logs, but we use many different construction styles and ways of joining logs. You can see a gallery of photos showing many of the ways we construct our log and timber-frame homes on our website and we are happy to discuss your needs and preferences.

No matter what type of log construction you prefer, you can count on our careful selection of logs and timber that will offer both enduring beauty and shelter not only for your family today, but for generations to come.

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