Log Homes for your Outdoor Lifestyle

One of the great things about log homes is their ability to bring us closer to nature. Choosing a wonderful natural environment is the ideal setting for your log home. For some of our customers, the ideal way of enjoying nature is from a cozy couch, watching nature through the window. Others venture outside to sit on the veranda to do a little bird watching or to entertain friends and neighbors on the patio or terrace.

However, many are drawn to log homes by the possibility of an outdoor lifestyle. You might even say that a log home is just a good place to keep all the gear they’ve accumulated for the various sports and activities they love to participate in. Yes, a log home is ideal for the outdoor lifestyle they have in mind, but the real draw is all the activities, all the sports they are planning to do outside.

We encourage our customers to consider their sporting lives when building a home. Of course, the possibilities are endless, but here is a start for you sport enthusiasts.


It is pretty obvious that you’ll need a place for your car or cars. But when you are living the outdoor life, you may have a number of other vehicles that need to share garage or shed space. These include snowmobiles (and any trailers), motorcycles, ATVs and 4 wheelers, bicycles, and ride-on mowers. Off season boat storage could be important too.

These things have a way of accumulating over time. So it is best to plan ahead for them by planning and building vehicle storage at the same time you build your home.

Gardening and Outdoor Lifestyle

Now that you are living in the great outdoors, it seems to be human nature to want to grow things. But the tools like wheelbarrows and shovels, and materials (potting soil, mulch, fertilizers, etc.) that are used in gardening really need a place of their own. If gardening is your passion, this is a good time to consider building a potting shed or greenhouse, perhaps as an extension to your house or garage.

Boating and Fishing

Lakeside living is a goal for many log-home owners. For some, casting from the shore is completely adequate. Others can launch a canoe or kayak just by dragging it onto the beach. But if you are going to have a motorboat or sailboat, you may want to build a pier or even a boathouse for safe off-season storage.

Golfing, Skiing, Archery, Tennis, etc.

Yes, every sport brings new storage needs. You might as well come to terms with this as you plan your new home. If you think through how you use the equipment, for example, if you have to lift or transport it, whether it will tolerate heat or cold, etc., you can make your sports equipment fit right into your new home design and outdoor lifestyle.

Pin Harbor Log Homes has decades of experience planning and building log homes that reflect our client’s needs and lifestyles. We welcome the opportunity to help you envision and make your dream log home a reality.

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