Log Homes for All Seasons

Pine Harbor Log Homes builds homes all over the United States and Canada. This means that we build houses for every climate. Whether your log home is in Minnesota or Florida, Illinois or Arizona, we adapt the design of your custom home, and the materials we use for your specific site and climate.

It is easy to envision sitting around a blazing log fire in your new great room. Now, consider for a moment the kinds of considerations you might have if you choose to build your log home with a fireplace. Where are you going to store firewood? Will you need a place for kindling? How will you keep firewood dry when it rains or snows? How far will you have to carry it to the fireplace? If we can store firewood in a dry place nearest the fireplace, it will make building those blazing fires much easier. We are experts on solving these kinds of problems!

Log Homes in Summer and Winter

Now imagine a situation where your family wants a summer log home built on a lakeside lot. It’s going to be great with all the cousins spending time together swimming and waterskiing with their friends. But then what are you going to do with all those wet bathing suits and towels at the end of the day? And do you want the kids tracking mud through the house?

Perhaps an outdoor shower or a mudroom would be a solution. And a simple clothes line placed out of sight might help with the wet suits. Maybe you should consider an entrance from the outside into the laundry area. so towels go right into the basket. And maybe a bathroom with a shower off the laundry area would be a useful feature, too.

We’re sure you get the point. Life gets messy and we can help you deal with the problems before they arise just by being realistic about dealing with real-life issues. Our log homes are not just for looking pretty. They are designed for real-life living and our designs offer simple solutions that anticipate the seasonal problems you might have. So, whether it is wet and cold, or dry and dusty, we can suggest solutions that make round-the-year living in your custom log home a pleasure.

Some features are simple and practical, like tile floors in areas where kids with wet feet are likely to drip. Other features are to help retirees plan for the days when mobility might be an issue such as single floor construction, ramps instead of stairs, extra-wide doorways and safety rails in the bathrooms. And if you are in a remote area in the country, maybe a backup generator and a storage pantry for extra provisions would assure you can live in comfort if you lose power in a storm.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we care about our customers. We not only want to design the perfect house for you, we want it to function well, efficiently and safely in all seasons, year after year, long after we hand you the keys.

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