Deep Winter Construction in a Log Home

After the distractions of the holiday season, when life grows quieter again, there is a very special time of the year we call “deep winter” in much of the US and Canada. Snow covers the landscape and we settle in for those cold winter nights by a blazing hearth (if we are so fortunate) and snuggling under cozy comforters.

The Pine Harbor Log Homes family—three generations of home builders using the best in natural timber products—are enjoying our winter too. How? Well, we are building custom log and timber frame homes. That’s what we like to do best.

Deep Winter Construction

In fact, we build custom homes all year long and in many ways those sunny but cold clear days in the winter are preferred by our crew. Who among us wouldn’t prefer doing the hard physical work of building in the “air conditioning” that winter offers rather than the heat of summer?

In a sense, deep winter is also all about planning. The gardeners among us are beginning to receive seed catalogs in the mail. We are dreaming sweet dreams about those amazing tomatoes we’ll be planting and deciding which type of raspberries look the tastiest.

deep winter constructionIt is also a wonderful time of the year to make plans for a new custom-built home. Perhaps you’ve had that forest or lake lot for years, but there just was never the time to plan your dream home. Designing a custom home does take planning. You have so many things to consider! That’s where Pine Harbor comes into the picture. We love working with families, helping them to plan their perfect place of refuge.

We know exactly the questions to ask to help you think through every aspect of your new home. Of course, you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to making the decisions, and you’ll sign off on the final plans before deep winter construction starts. But let’s face it, there are places in life where experience and knowledge make an essential difference, and we have plenty of both.

We build homes that will last for generations. But someone has to make the first move. It just takes a phone call to get the ball rolling. We know that it’s easy to procrastinate, but when you consider that planning a new home and deep winter construction can actually start a process that can give you the home we so carefully plan together by the time the weather is warm again. You’ll discover—as so many of our customers have—we deliver the goods quickly and efficiently! And because we build all year around, there is nothing to wait for.

So don’t wait. Let’s talk today.

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