Creating Animal-Friendly Spaces

One of the primary reasons our customers work with Pine Harbor Log Homes is because they are seeking a lifestyle that is more in tune with nature. Of course, that means different things to different people. For some, it means using more natural building materials like wood and stone. We are big fans of that approach. For others it means getting outside, spending more time in the garden or out on the lake. But living in nature can create whole new opportunities that you may not even be thinking about yet.

The first that comes to mind is the new life your furry family members can enjoy! Dogs and cats may be able to spend more time outside in their new home. Some might be able to “free range” with only a pet door between the kitchen and the whole outdoors. Others, dogs especially, might prefer a kennel with its own yard.

Natural Settings and Animal-Friendly Spaces

But if you are moving into a more natural setting, remember that there may be animals that already live nearby. You can be a good friend to the local wildlife by disturbing their habitat as little as possible and perhaps even giving them some bonuses because you live there.

Birds are an obvious part of local wildlife you can help. Consider a generous birdfeeder placed where you can easily see it from both inside and outside. Not only is birdseed a popular pick, but suet is especially welcome in the winter when food may be scarce. And what about a birdbath? Just remember that the deadliest predators for birds are domestic cats, so you need to make sure that if you have a kitty you’ll need to keep feeders and birdbaths far out of reach.

If you are just living in your log or timber frame home during the summer, then you might consider a hummingbird feeder. The jewel-like hummers are high-energy entertainers. But they are also prodigious eaters and a simple sugar water solution (1-part sugar to 4-parts water brought to a boil) in a hanging hummingbird feeder can keep them nearby. There is no need for red dye and in fact, the dye in commercial hummingbird foods is dangerous for the little guys.

Deer are very common in rural America. We’ve built homes all over the country and while some customers consider them a pest (especially those who love to lavish attention on their gardens) others enjoy the regular visits of neighboring deer. If you want to advertise that you have a deer friendly home, consider placing a block of salt in your yard and enjoy the show.

Of course, you’ll need to learn more about the local wildlife to discover who the friendlies are, or if there are predators that might be a hazard for your domestic animals. But whether you discover there are raccoons or opossums, foxes or squirrels, songbirds or eagles, owning a Pine Harbor Log home can help to connect you and your four-legged family members to mother nature.

Including Animal-Friendly Spaces in your Home Planning

Pine Harbor Log Homes has a reputation for giving our customers unique home designs. We are happy to show you options and work with you to create both the perfect family home.

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