About Pine Harbor Log Homes, LLC

About Pine Harbor Log Homes

Three Generations of Craftsmanship

About Pine Harbor Log HomesOver 75 years ago in a small shed, outside a simple country home in central Wisconsin, the future of Pine Harbor Log Homes, LLC was imagined.

As was the custom, the skills of generations of craftsmen were passed down from father to son in a line that continues to today. Cliff Drollinger, the family patriarch was a skilled builder who built homes to last. When his father died at a young age, Cliff left school in ninth grade to provide for the family. He helped his mother with the family farm and eventually got a job at a local mill.

In time, he would take a job with a local builder. He learned his trade well and decided to go out on his own.  He crafted simple homes for simple people with astonishing details that reflected his passion for building.

His son Brian Drollinger, watched his father, learned his ways and continued the family tradition of artistry and attention to detail that define the very best craftsmen. Today, Brian’s son Travis Drollinger continues this legacy of quality design-build solutions with Pine Harbor Log Homes, a national turn-key log home construction company that produces log and timber frame homes that reflect a three generations of craftsmanship and passion for building homes that last.